Vastu is connection between living and non living things. That means there is some energy between human and the things that everyone is attached in day to day life.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly in routine life we are connected to so many objects which are important in our life. Coming to the main point every object has some vibrations for us and on the other hand we have vibrations also for those things.

This effect of vibration between you and non living things could be positive or negative depending upon their structure, colour, actions, uses and planetary connection. The art of making beautiful vibrational connection between you (living creature) with nature and nonliving things is called Vastu.

Once you know that each and every thing on this earth has vibrational effect on you and you can definitely achieve a higher level in every aspect you become a Maha Gyani and can make your life beautiful inspite of whatever be your planetary position. By becoming Maha Gyani you are able to make frequency with your subconscious mind, its highest brainwave by easy techniques taught by Acharya Archana Gori.

These techniques to move yourself to your higher self helps you to meet your aatma to param aatma i.e. Delta Wave with your behavioral pattern you will be able to clear all your chakras and sift yourself to higher kosh in panch kosha.

The magic of Purush and Prakriti will turn you to show the purpose of life and to achieve it.